What Does a Funeral Home Do? July 22, 2021

What Does a Funeral Home Do?

What does a funeral home do? Whether you are pre planning for a funeral in the unknown future or planning an immediate funeral for a deceased loved one it’s good to know what exactly the funeral home does. While every funeral home may have things unique to them here are some of the things you can expect to have. 


What Does a Funeral Home do?

Remove and transfer the Deceased

Once someone has been declared deceased by a doctor, nurse or caretaker.. You will then call to pick up the body and bring it to the funeral home to carry out their final wishes or pre plan that has been put in place. 

Prepare body for viewing

If the deceased person has preplanned and desires a viewing of their body after death the funeral home will get it prepared. If it is their desire the body will be embalmed. The process of embalming sanitizes it, preserving the body and its appearance for viewing. This process allows the body to be preserved for a longer period of time in case a funeral needs to take place more than a couple days after death. 


Burial Packages and Cremation Packages

 A funeral home will give you options for different packages based on how you want the body treated. Will you have a traditional burial in a casket? Or have you decided on cremation? Natural burial is an environmentally friendly way to honor your loved one. Many funeral homes will have a package and pricing for each of these services. 


Pre Planning a funeral

One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is to have your funeral and end of life wishes pre planned. Your loved ones will be grieving already. The last thing you want is for them to worry about  not getting your funeral right. A funeral home often offers options to pre plan and pre-pay to take the burden off of your loved ones. 


Grief Support

When someone dies, we grieve. Grief shows itself differently for everyone. We experience a wide range of relationships, some are good, some may be bad and others are somewhere in between. “It’s complicated”, is an option on Facebook for reason. Relationships can be complicated and so can the grief we feel when they are gone. Funeral homes often provide grief support for grieving family members. Having support is a very important piece of healing over time. 


Each funeral home may provide different and unique services. They take pride in caring for you and your loved one as they transition. The death of a loved one has a major impact on all that loved and interacted with that person. Funeral homes and the people that run them have a special calling to honor the lives they had. 


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