5 Questions to Ask When Pre-planning My Own Funeral June 17, 2021

5 Questions to Ask When Pre-planning My Own Funeral

5 Questions to Ask when Pre-planning my own funeral


Am I ready to start planning my own funeral?

Should I start planning my own funeral? Death and mortality can be a sensitive subject. Some don’t even want to think about the reality that they will die someday, much less plan an entire funeral.

The best way to go about it is to simply think practically about it. Everyone will die someday. It is best to know that you are the one making the choices. It is good to remember that planning a funeral when you do not need to, in other words you are healthy and have no expectation for an untimely death the easier it is to remove the intense emotions and be practical. If you are still feeling concerned it may be something you can chat to a counselor with to help find some perspective. 

How much does a funeral cost?

Pre-planning a funeral is the best way to ensure that it is cost effective. When you pre plan you can decide how much you want to spend and where. The biggest benefit is that it will keep your family from emotional overspending. When the grief has taken over and loved ones want to honor you it is common that they make emotional decisions and end up spending way more money than necessary. 


There are a couple ways you can plan for the financial portion of your funeral. One way is to create an account where you leave money that will cover all or some portion of the funeral you desire. Another way is to actually pre pay for portions or specific items that you desire. 


What do I want to do with my remains?

As life passes we experience deaths and funerals and losses of many kinds. As a result of loss being a part of life it is common that you think about what you want to happen to your remains when you die. Would you prefer a funeral where your body will be embalmed and loved ones can see you one last time in a viewing. Or do you want to be cremated and have your remains scattered over the ocean? 

There are so many options and things to think about when it comes to what we want with our remains. So many of us think about it and have an idea of our preference but never let others know and get it down on paper in a plan. Getting your desires down on paper is an important piece of having a successful end-of-life plan.


What kind of memorial service do I want?

Now that you have thought about what to do with your remains you can get started on the type of memorial service you want to have. If you have decided to be buried in a casket with viewing of your body you will likely have a service in a funeral home or church.


 With a traditional burial the funeral or memorial service occurs within a week or two after the death occurs. If you decide to be cremated a memorial service can be held at your convenience because the body does not need to be preserved. 

Who do I want to be in charge of my after life decision?

One very important question to ask is who will be in charge of putting your plan into effect. It has to be someone who you trust. Someone you know who can handle the responsibility. A spouse or adult child are often the choice. This person will become the “executor” of your estate. 


Life is unpredictable, pre-planning a funeral is a proactive way to help protect your loved ones from even more grief. They will already be mourning and sad that you are gone. Give your loved ones the gift of a pre-plan. 

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